Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday work

So its Sunday. 
And yesterday we were at a triple couple date. it was fun, I will make post later today showing some pictures from that evening. But for now, I am working a bit on AgnosLibertine 2012. 

Yes, it is in the planning stages. I have worked for quite sometime planing for next year. I have these ideas. Most importantly is that I want to write more quality posts, and I have some ideas for the layout.  
I am really excited about it. But it takes time, and my work takes up so much time. Plus all the wonderful time I spend with Sara, it is difficult to work on the blog. I am sure you understand. 
Handling time is just difficult. I would say it is so important how you handle time in life. Plan everything to the last second, or just doing whatever you want. You don't want to get worked out, but you want to have results. How do you deal with time? I think I should write a article about time-handling.