Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Prediction for the Iphone 4S

The Iphone 4S will be a success, 
just the like the Iphone 3Gs was. 

The reason is quite simple. What apple has learned about technology and what has made them so successful over the years is that they understand the key element of human nature. Technology, especially higher and more advanced technology is no good unless it can actually be useful. Not only does it need to be useful, it needs to be fun. 

And Apple is the expert on making technology a enjoyable experience. Just take the Ipad, the ipod, the mac air as examples. 

Yes, call me the original apple fanboy, but it is true. 

Samsung and HTC are doing great, android is a great tool. But it is still light years behind Apple. The trick that works here, is that the Iphone is a lifestyle and not a piece of technology. This is a lesson that both HTC and Samsung, or even SonyEricsson haven't bothered to learn. 

With Iphone you get often pointless technologies under the surface of Iphone devices, but they are fun. And they are easy to use. 

Iphone 4s has updated the specs, and is now going to be one of the top contenders in the smart phone industry. But it doesn't matter if Samsung next month announces a new phone with 16 mega pixels, or a flexible glass (bla bla), because people want simplicity. They will love the idea of telling your phone what to do. 

My prediction is that since the Iphone4 will become cheaper, more and more people will start using the Iphone, and falling in love with the simplicity of it. And for a couple of years to come. Apple will dominate the planet, at least when it comes to smart phones.