Sunday, October 9, 2011

The new iPhone release date – iPhone 5 September 7?

Most recent rumors say that iPhone 5 Release Date will be on September 7, in the Worldwide Developers Conferences 2011.
Apple may announce its release date sooner than it was expected, pressured by the way that Android devices are rapidly taking consumer attention.

The expectations from Apple to a new blockbuster are very high: according to the Wall Street Journal, Apple has instructed its manufacturers to prepare for orders totaling 25 million units in the coming months.
Pegatron may be one of the major suppliers and produce up to 15 million iPhone 5 handsets for Apple. According to Digitimes, the iPhone 5 had already gone into production.
Some say that Apple may be aiming higher and preparing a surprise with iPad alongside with the new iPhone 5 launch.
Maybe a iPad 3 or just a HD version of the actual iPad2…