Saturday, September 3, 2011

summer end party...

 <---  here is a picture I took yesterday with my new Camera (GOD I love the camera). :)

So its Saturday, and Sara is putting her make up on. We are going to a party. I think its gonna be great. I got a six-pack of Coronas. (yes I will actually be drinking).

It's weird, not being in the habit of drinking, but still feeling that it would be nice to have a cool drunk, I mean drink. ;)

I look forward to next weekend, because I will be making a movie with Robin and Marcus. We have no script, no real ideas at the moment, but we will find something interesting to shoot. :)

We will see how it goes. Anyway, summer is at its final moment, I hate it. I feel sad when the sun brushes against me, because I don't want it to end. But what can you do right? I still don't know if I want to bring the camera or not. 

We will see....