Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Plans for AgnosLibertine 2012

Well, you know. I have this idea in my head. A idea that has been developing over 2011. And I have tried to make my blog look like that idea (that dream). 

And in some ways, it is very much the way I want it to be. But it hasn't reached the level of quality that I aim at. 

I am however very hopeful that I will reach my goal. Because this IS going to be the best blog in the world. 

I simply have no doubt. I believe it. And therefor it must be so. 

So what changes can we expect in 2012? Except me writing about how the world is ending (yes, very funny end of the world joke). 

I want to keep it at maximum 1 post per day. I really want this blog to have only 365 posts every day. Because that kind of devotion would enable the possibility of me focusing on each post, and make sure that every post holds the kind of quality that I want it to. 
You see, I have this idea, of making a blog, that will be a classic. I want my posts to be "eternal". Meaning, that they can be read in a 100 years and still be actual. 

Of course, I also want to be able write freely about my thoughts, and just post pictures etc. 

But I want the posts to still have some kind of value, that would be enjoyable to remember, and to return to. 

Problem is of course, that I can't seem to stop developing new blogs. :)

But it is a working in progress, that in many ways, is actually... working.