Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Movie stills from my movie (Apple Wars)

Here are some photo-stills from the movie.
Notice the excellent color grading (made by yours truly). 
Me and my "brother" resting. 
Nice shot of me (Robin is excellent handling the camera angle). 
Robin playing the crazy sniper. 
And he also has real military training (!) 
 A ninja?
 Looking cool Robin. 
The cool "brothers." 
Robin looking awesome in his new haircut. 
And Markus, wow. What a great actor. Seriously.
For someone who has never acted before. He
really blew me away with his talent   
But of of course, 
what movie is complete without Robin? (of course)
 Looking sharp
 And I look so cool. :)
(another excellent camera handling)
I surrender!! 
 "don't hurt my brother!"
 "somebody is going to die here"
And thats it folks. Hope you enjoyed it. I know I did.