Thursday, September 29, 2011

lets talk Iphone5

So I am excited. I don't know about you. But I am excited. Apple has announced the release for the next generation of Iphone.

Which is weird, because I still can't believe I got the Iphone4. I remember how I just to hate the idea of people walking around with Iphones. 

"to expensive"
"to stupid"
"bla bla"

The point is, I was so against Apple and their macaronis. But today, we got the Iphone, we got the Ipad2, we got the Ipod, we got the Mac air (and it looks like there will be two in the household soon). :)

But anyway, okt 4th is the day when it is going to happen. And this is the logo for the event, with a few hints. And to analyze the thing, I suppose, there will be one new Iphone (and not two). I suppose that there will be something of a new voice feature. 

Then all those rumors. Well, almost like tumors. Who knows. 8megapixel camera, thinner than the Iphone4 etc. Who knows???

It's crazy, I am so excited and I am not even planing to buy it. You see, I am still in love with my Iphone4. But never say never. Perhaps the Iphone5 will be like love at first sight. Who can tell these things? Just a year ago I would never own a apple product, and look at me now? It's crazy, I'm excited. And I feel like this whole apple thing is close to religion nowadays. 

I think it will have lots of really cool features. And I am sure I will also be disappointed at some point. I remember the release of Ipad 2, it seemed so much cooler than Ipad. But in the end, its main and only really important feature was that it was thinner.

Apple know how to market products. They are genius. Pure genius. 

I can't wait.