Friday, September 23, 2011

going shopping today

Today we are going shopping. Around these parts were I live there is this gigantic shopping mall called Väla centrum. This is where most people in southern Sweden go shopping. They got everything, a Hugo boss store (!) :), 30 restaurants etc. Sky is the limit.

And as it happens, I need new pants. And Saras computer is not working properly. So I am going to buy her a new lap top. Only thing I require from it, is that it has a I5 processor, the layout and design I leave to Sara, it will be her computer. 
yes, of course my model photos are in väla. ;)
You know, Sara is very lucky. Not only does she have a rich boyfriend that loves buying her things, but I happen to know a lot about computers. Some would say that it is a curse, and I would agree. Because when you know a a lot about computers, people everywhere ask and need help. And you know, it is not that I don't like to help people. But it is like. Lets say you know a lot about cleaning, and people keep asking you the clean their stuff. Do you know what I mean?
Just because you are good at something, doesn't mean you like doing it. I think computers take up so much of my time, because I always have to fix something and it bothers me. That is why I want a mac, less problems. 

I hope it will be a nice day. And I wish the same to you! :)

ps. I will of course post pictures from today later.