Friday, September 16, 2011

fat little baby

Hello world!
Well, I have still not recovered most of my lost files from my external hard drive.

But I have of course back up of my really old photos. So today,

I will have to use very old photos of me for this post. I hope you understand.

Since I am like a big baby anyway, why not?

Yes, the fat little baby on the photos is ME. :)
The week was good, I worked a lot. And the evenings were filled with spending super quality time with the love of my life (Sara).

We were watching episodes of the show Supernatural.

It is so good.
Its really good.
Its better than Lost.
Hell, it is even better
than Prison Break.

Since I have no movies on my computer (cause of the external hard drive that is still being fixed up) I have been watching a lot of DigitalRevCom videos on YouTube.

It is basically this guy called Kai, who lives in Hong Kong, and in every episode he talks about new cameras and lenses of Canon, Nikon and Leica.
Sounds boring right?

well, this Kai is so funny,
so  I highly recommend it.
Here is a link
Today I am meeting Robin and Markus.

We are going to spend some time in the city (Helsingborg). and we will be having lunch, and looking and wigs and movie props.

I really need a black long wig for that scary movie that I am planing.