Monday, September 19, 2011

Coffee & Sweets with Robin and Markus

Here are some photos from last weekend, when I met with
Robin and Markus, to discuss movie magic, philosophy and
just have a wonderful time!  
Me, Tommy....
 Markus looking sharp.
 Robin, the handsome devil. 
My Iphone and my coffee. 
Robin posing.. 
me looking absolutely ridiculous. 

ah, to be young and... ehm.. gay? 
Robin has a sweet tooth. 
It is no secret that I love to take photos when people eat. 
So obviously Markus had to be included. 
 But Robin wanted more!
 here is a great shot I got of a dog and his lady.
 Robin on the train.
 Me on the train.
Well, thats all. Hope you enjoyed my photos.
 (yes, I did use my new Canon eos 600D). :)