Friday, August 26, 2011

Writing the script for "Hunters mist"

I am still in the writing process of Hunters mist. I am so excited about the project. I won't spoil to much. I will tell you the story. Basically about a terrorist gang that kidnaps someone from prison (!). A a-class criminal who is infamous for his mortal and defensive skills. 

He is brought out of prison to act as a lion in a hunt, to see how well a new elit terrorist team is prepared and ready to take over the world(sort of). 

He gets released into the jungle, and has to fight his way out to get revenge on the person who got him there. 

The role of the prisoner, is for Robin. And I will take on a more dramatic role as the boss of the terrorist gang. The reason is becaus I want to be able to focus on getting great shots of Robin, who will be the star of the show so to speak.