Saturday, August 13, 2011

Saturday before the party

Hello my lovely readers,

So what is going on? Here things are good. It is saturday, I just took a nice shower, talked with my reflection in the mirror in British. I do that sometimes (especially when I am alone). :)

 Later tonight we are going to a party. I am not sure I want to go, but it is sort of those things that you should probably try before you deside that it won't be any fun.

Work is going good, I am still working with purchase over in the city of angels. It hasn't been said how long it will continue. But I am doing a good job, and the boss likes me. But these things always come to a ending. Welcome to the life of a consultant. I guess you just have to accept life as it is. But the thing is, I don't mind, not really. You see, I have this mentality about things, most things in life bore me to death after a while. and this job is no different, I need changes. I need to feel inspired.

about the sadness? Well, it is so hard to be verbal about it. You see, I tend to feel very good usually (as you probably know). But lately I have been.... you know. I will get back to you on in a while, I need to clean after the cats.