Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pig party / birthday party / wedding party

Yesterday we were at this party for Saras cousin and her new husband. I thought it was only gonna be a birthday party, but I was so wrong. 

It was a celebration because they recently got married. And we had a really good time. 


 We had a caterer deliver a pig for dinner(!)

not kidding. 

 I was looking hot as always. ;)

kidding, you know I am ugly as.. well.


 Desert. :)

 Sara loved the desert, as usual. 

 Live band performance (from the back). 

 And this was the front opening.

 The wedding dance. :)

 Sara and me took a walk later. And we were playing around on this

kid apparatus. Sara unfortenly fell and hurt her shoulder. :(

but we couldn't stop laughing. :)

All and all. it was a great evening. Thank you for the invite. :)