Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ordered a new camera... (Canon EOS 600D)

Yes, I finally did it. 

I ordered it. 

I sort of feel I deserve it. 

Its a DSLR camera. 

Its the infamous Canon EOS 600D. And I also ordered a 18-135MM lens with image stabilizer. That is a big lens. It was expensive, but I wanted to have a good starter lens.

I bought Sara a DLSR camera last year. The Canon EOS 1000D. 

And it works very good. And to be honest the image quality is just about the same.

But the thing with this camera that I have ordered, it has two features that I really want (need). First of all, it has full HD video recording. And the quality is just amazing compared to my Samsung WB 2000. 

And also, it has external mic support (yes I plan to buy a external mic for it). And sound is so important when you make movies. I have these ideas for movies, and I just want to make the best of it. 

But as you can see, it also has this special screen, which is great for filming.

In time, I will have no choice but to get one of those expensive mac computers. Like Mac air, or Macbook pro. I will have to make some research before I decide. And the reason for the mac is that infamous little video editing program called Final Cut Pro. Plus other great video editing programs. 

And so things are looking up. As usual. I'm so happy, that I have the kind of life, where I can afford to follow my dreams.

People who say that dreams are for free, well, I got news for you. Certain dreams cost. :)

I think I will get my camera on Monday after work. (I hope, I hope).