Saturday, August 20, 2011

FAQ 14-16: Smoking, drinking and famous?

Have you ever met anyone famous?
Answer: I once met sir Peter Ustinov. Probably nobody young people know, and actually he is a bit old for my generation(RIP actually). But I met hem when I was working in government project a few years ago when I was about 18. He was a child diplomat, and spoke very wisely about the future. After it was over, I pretended to be a “fixer behind stage”, I walked up to him and said “hello”, and shook his hand, he looked at me and smiled and said hello back. This is a guy who has a oscar. You know, pretty impressive guy. 

Question 15: 
What is your favorite drink?
Answer: I don’t drink anymore. But when I did, I don’t think I had one in particular. I liked the mochito, tequila sunrise, etc etc. 

Question 16: 
Do you smoke?
Answer: Sometimes. Sort of a party smoker. I like smoking. Especially after a great meal, or when you are among interesting people.