Monday, August 8, 2011

BlackBerry Colt, the first BlackBerry with OS QNX, being developed by RIM.

RIM recently announced three types of the BlackBerry Torch devices, BlackBerry Torch 9810, Torch 9860/9850, and has also announced the Blackberry Bold 9900 / 9930. All devices using the latest BlackBerry OS, Blackberry 7. Apparently, RIM will still prepare "another ultimate weapon", a new 
smartphone version of the gadget-based QNX, beside of BlackBerry PlayBook tablets. Indeed, we have never seen a BlackBerry samartphone other than the BlackBerry Playbook. This may be an attempt by RIM to compete with other smartphones using a modern OS, such as Android phones or iPhone.

The first smartphone based on QNX, according to BGR rumored to be using the code name of the BlackBerry Colt, Colt BlackBerry development is not likely to come out of RIM's grip is a priority for battery life with a middle to upper specification. This is because RIM will use one processor core and not dual-core or quad-core as it has been used on smartphones with another OS. 
According to BGR source, this specification may change before launch, but for now the internal testing done still using single-core chips.

Another rumor says that the Colts will not show the integration of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, since RIM will not finish his BES rewriting code to QNX. 
The handset will have support for Microsoft's "out of the box" ActiveSync, though.

RIM plans to release this smartphone in the first quarter of 2012, but it still depends on the readiness of internal testing being done. It appears to be a lot of other information that will be revealed. so we can wait for further developments.

Via: BGR