Sunday, July 10, 2011

This is probably the prototype of the iPhone 5, thought to have a more slender body.

News of the emergence of new iPhone will have more outstanding. The existence of various rumorsare hard to get people to follow its development. Luckily, a technology sites in Brazil have tried to make a creative visualization of all the rumors current through an iPhone mockup that looks impressive.

This mockup does not bring new information about the rumors that exist and is only a fictitious concept. However, this mockup is made as close as possible with information that has been circulating as a leaner body, a derivative design of the iPhone 4, until reduced one hole and the screen is extended to the sides.

Apple itself has not issued an official picture of the product release plans and information the next generation iPhone, iPhone either 4S, 5 iPhone, oriPhone 6. So, for now please enjoy the first speculative results that already exist, may formclose to the actual product.