Friday, July 1, 2011

Sharing my secrets with you

I have to tell you something. You know, I often get compliments for being so honest on my blog. But the truth is, I hold back a lot. I would like to tell you so much more about my personal life. But I can't. 

I would like to share things with you. Like when Sara bothers me (as couple do have their ups and downs), I would like to tell you when some upstuck asshole at work makes a rude comment, but I can't because I have a certain code of conduct as far as my professional life goes. 

Maybe someday, when I make a living writing only this blog, I could talk more freely. 

I wish I could live in a world where I could be more free to write whatever the hell I want. And I could, if I were to write it in a way that would make the reader understand that I am simple speaking my mind freely and with certain pretexts that are bound to be exaggerated. 

But the problem is I don't feel comfortable, I don't trust myself. Consider this scenario. What if I someday write "Sara is a stuck up bitch". Now, this could be just pure thoughts without context. Perhaps we just had a fight or something, it would mean nothing. But how would she feel if she read it on my blog that I tell people that she is a bitch?

You see my point? I don't trust myself, to write whatever I feel. I have to write with a clear conscience, with some latitude, with some thoughts behind it.