Wednesday, July 13, 2011

RIM plans to launch seven new models of BlackBerry in 2011

RIM is planning to soon release 7 (seven) new models of BlackBerry this year. This was revealed in the annual general meeting of shareholders annually, which was held on this Tuesday. In the annual meeting, it was revealed that the company will soon release at least seven new models of the BlackBerry that will be launched in coming months.It is said further by Jim Balsillie, Co-chief executive of RIM, at the annual meeting, that there will be some device that will be released sequentially in a short span of time in the coming months.
In addition, Balsillie was quoted as saying of the Guardian, said that there had been delays in releasing the new OS, but that the new phones will allow RIM to remain on track to meet its financial guidance for this year.
While Mike Lazaridis, who also is CEO of RIM, said the delay was because the company's efforts to get a smartphone to meet market expectations, adding that the technology on the BlackBerry Bold just jumped a generation. "Maybe we are delayed, but we'll come out ahead," said Lazaridis.
On the other hand, RIM is currently rumored to be releasing some new devices like the BlackBerry Bold BlackBerry 9900 that has been leaked including operators supporters. There was also a series of 9860 (Monza), 9850, 9810 and Curve 9360 Torch. There are also some products from the BlackBerry that will also come out, among others, Curve Touch as an affordable alternative from the Torch 9860. While the BlackBerry Bold 9790 is the last leak appears to be still in the prototype stage.
In addition to RIM's also rumored to be released version of the BlackBerry Playbook 4G.