Friday, July 8, 2011

revealing a secret 1: Fear of driving

I have this new category in mind. I will be revealing secrets about myself. The reason for that is because as I mentioned sometime ago. I hate that people are so afraid to be open about things. My theory is that if you have nothing to be ashamed of, you can tell anything. 

And another thing is, that if you are worried about psychos, well, bad news. There is no escape or safe procedure, you can't hide from psychopats who will always have a reason to stalk or hurt you. "the dog told me to do it" etc.

You know, on my Ipad2, I often play games. Sometimes I play games like need for speed, you know, car games. I am a very scared person. Things like heights, speed, cars. I am terrified. I don't even have a drivers licence(!). 

So here is my secret revealed! I am afraid of driving a car!

I wish to someday overcome my fear of driving. But it is difficult. I just don't trust myself. I couldn't live with myself I was ran over a kid or was the cause of some terrible accident on the road. 

I know, it sounds weird. But I can't help myself. I don't want be this way.

But you know, life is a journey, and you work on your problems. That is how life works. I have my challenges, as anyone else.