Friday, July 22, 2011

Norway massacre revealed!

First a bomb blew up. And then, on som island summer camp, kids end up getting killed. 
Anders Behring Breivik seems to take credit for all of this. Some 32-year old norwegian guy.
He posted some obscure things on his personal blog, or no wait, it was his twitter. 
It might have been his facebook. I don't know, I don't care. 

(here is a article of the incident in the Times.)

Antagonists of this kind can have any reason in the world to do what they do. There is no sense to analyze why. Because it doesn't matter. He hates muslims? He doesn't like politicians? He was missled as a child? It doesn't change anything. Anders Behring Breivik, or who ever the killer was, still did kill all those people.

I often get accused of being blunt about these kind of things. I say stuff like, it happens all the time, or, death is always said, a increase in numbers doesn't change that.  
But you see, I know people who are filled with anxiety right now. Because this kind of happening reminds them how on a subconcious level how unsafe they are. 

But the truth is, these kinds of things happen ALL THE TIME. Terrorists, governments, gangs. 

Is this somehow different because the number is 80? Would it have been less of a tragedy if the number was 40? seriously? STOP, think about it. What difference does it make to the individual, if he or she is a part of 5 people being massacred, or 100 people being massacred.

The safety level is probably on a psycological level. We are brought up to think that we are safer in large groups, in busy streets etc. 

I brush this away, saying I don't care....
when in fact, 
I probably care more than any other living person on this rainy day.