Thursday, July 14, 2011

Making a new movie "Hunters mist"

I have started this new project. And it is a movie that I am going to make with Robin and hopefully a guy called Marcus. 

It as gonna be a action movie. And I will be using a lot of techniques to make the movie seem believable, in sort of a Hollywood way. 

I'm going to write a super script that will work with my vision. I have a really great feeling about this movie. But I lack a proper camera (i need one with a external mic), that is why I am looking at the Canon EOS 550D.

I am also looking at the new Canon EOS 600D, which has the retractable screen, which I think could come in handy actually. 

Now the only question is about my new computer. Because I get a feeling that mac program Final Cut PRO would really make things easier. So it is back to the mac or PC problemo.