Sunday, July 31, 2011

BlackBerry Bold 9900 would go to India on August 8, 2011.

BlackBerry Bold 9900 is not yet officially released by RIM, but news of its launch has been widely circulated. Even the news about which countries will launch the BlackBerry has also been heard. As recently reported that the BlackBerry device will be available in the UK starting on August 22, 2011.

Now comes yet another story about the launch of the BlackBerry Bold 9900, the BlackBerry Bold 9900 is rumored to be landing in India, on August 8, which is faster than its availability in the UK. However, these devices are not available only in black color only, but it will also be available in white, which is expected to be available in October.

According to, Blackberry Bold 9900 will be available by paying a fee of 32,500 / - with warranty of 1.5 years. Nevertheless, there is still nothing quite accurate news about the launch of this BlackBerry in North America, such as the US and Canada.

This BlackBerry will also be launched on a large scale, and simultaneously in various countries around the world, certainly for those who are interested here can be a little patience to wait for the launch of the first BlackBerry with this BlackBerry OS 7.