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Article: Anders Behring Breivik and the Norway massacre

Last post about the horrible Norwegian massacre done by Anders Behring Breivik. And my thoughts about him. Sorry if I offend anyone else. This is my way of coping with this whole thing.

I haven’t been able to work, or play, or listen to music these last couple of days. All I keep thinking about is that that terrible Norway massacre. I keep seeing his face. I keep feeling bitter and upset, and haunted by the idea that there is nothing anyone can do to make things right. Only time will heal us all from this event.
 I hate that I have such compassion and feelings for this issue, because I remember when I was depressed, I didn’t even get bothered by 9/11. I was just like “well, shit happens”. 

But now, when I am happy, and living a fulfilling life, everything has become more fragile. My mind, my thoughts. This man, this Anders Behring Breivik has really pissed me off, he has ruined my weekend, and my week. Sara keeps asking me what’s wrong, and I don’t want to talk about it. I just feel empty inside. Like all the beauty of this world is gone because of this one day of stupidity and evil. 

The Oslo bombing for starters

On july 22nd 2011, a bomb was placed in a volkswagen crafter on Grubbe-street in Oslo. It killed at least 8 people and hurt a lot of others. And the beautiful city of Oslo looked like something out of World War II. 

Okay, I will be honest. The bomb doesn’t bother me. It seems like a bomb goes off all the time, every week in some part of the world. It happens so often that I don’t care anymore. Sure I wish it wouldn’t happen, but it doesn’t affect me, even if it has now happened so close to home. 

Summer camp at the island of Utoya

Every year outside of Norway, on  the island of Utoya, a youth summer camp was organized by the Norwegian Labour Party (AUF). 

Dressed as a police, went to tent to tent, shot people with a Ruger Mini-14(223 caliber with a GG&G Picatinny Style Scope attached). He also used dum-dums (hollow-point and frangible bullets). Those kind of bullets are made to explode once inside target, so it would be impossible to operate out the bullits. Basically if you get hit by one of these bullets, you are dead. :(

some victims pretended to be dead, but he went back to shot them in the head to make sure that they were dead. 

On two accounts, he did in fact show mercy because of begging victims. Makes me wonder how a person can have the empathy to spare two people and yet kill 70 kids. How does a brain like that work?

After he shot a lot of people he got into a boat and went around the island to shoot the swimming victims. 

How many people were murdered: answer: 68-92 people
How many were saved: more than 30.

Why did he do both these things? I would guess, to cause the police to be busy in Oslo so he could his evil and sinister deed on the island. (But this is just my guess).

Another scenario was that he found out that his main target was not at the location. So the island perhaps was some kind of twisted plan B. 

Or he figured how to do as much damage as possible in one day. 

The conspiracy theory of the Norway shooting

How it was even possible do manage shooting so many in one and a half hour?
I have actually tried shooting with a real gun, practicing with professionals. 
And sure, I am just a amateur compared to him. 

But this is something I cannot get passed. The island was small. And they had nowhere else to go. But how does one person manage to kill over 60-70 running and hiding people within 2 hours? I know how automatic rifles work, but still. Those dum dum bullets must be really effective. 

This makes me wonder, is really impossible that he acted alone on the island? Perhaps I just lack the knowledge of massacre (forgive me, I just don’t have expert knowledge of how to commit mass murder)

Well, I think it is sort of okay. I can’t think of much, except that they must have major traffic on their web pages that are filled with ads. 

And most people are probably like me, viewing the page 200 times a day during this awful period. You know, I’m at working, thinking 
“has he arrived the courthouse” 
"I have to see his face"
"I have to see if the bastard is smiling or not." 

I have the most amazing imagination. You wouldn’t believe. But, I can’t in my wildest thoughts imagine doing what he did on that island. I just can’t understand how a human being can do it?

I can only assume that he had no empathy what so ever. But see, here is the weird thing. At first there was a child who cried and said “stop you have already killed my father, you have done enough”, and Anders left him alone. And then some 22 year old begged for his life, Anders spared his life too. 

How does his mind work? 
I just don’t understand. 

Psychological profile of Anders Behring Breivik
Verdict: This islamophobic freak had some kind of messiah view of himself. 

He considered himself on a mission, to save Europe from Islam. Like if any of us asked for it. He considered himself a part of a group of liberators who would save Europe, and the world from “terrible” Muslims (yeah, because European Christians are such do-gooders according to history). 

I am not blaming people and scholars for having opinions, but there are a lot of ideas especially since 9/11, like that Muslims are in some deep secret mission to rule the world that forge inspiration and misguided missile ideas into people’s minds. I think Anders is a bright person actually. He must have been, to pull off what he did. 

His online published 1,518-page manifesto. I have not read, nor do I need to. But I know it is some drivel of copied works based on anti-islamic, marxistic, Right-wing populism, right libertarianism, immigration and European culture etc.  

He wrote the same bs on some website, He was a former member of the progress party and its youth wing FpU. I don’t know them nor do I want to. I don’t blame them for anything. He may tell the world that he was inspired by the holy order of knight Templers, but even nut jobs like David Berkowitz/son of Sam ( a serial killer in the 60s) when asked why he did it, said that the neighbors dog told him to do it. So I mean, people can blame everyone for their doings, but their actions are their own. 
In my opinion, a person is responsible for his actions even if he is forced to do so. (I just hope I am never “forced” to do something against my beliefs). 

He took inspiration from people like the Unabomber (Ted Kaczynski) another crazy freak. A guy living in a forest, (a Harvard genius actually) who felt it would make things better to kill people who he considered the cause of forests being cut down etc. 
This whole eye for an eye thing (misquotation from the bible) is always pissing me off.

He blamed the current economy on Barack Obama. He considered the Swedish ex-wife of Tiger Woods a traitor (for mixing races), he had a so called list of people who he considered traitors to the European race or culture, who should be executed. 

This reminds me of that infamous Charles Manson, who had a similar list (where even Steve McQueen was on).

To be honest, I have to tell you, I don’t HAVE a kill list. But I did once have a list of people who offended me (a lot of teachers were on that list). And looking back at that list today, I would say that those were the thoughts of a very immature person who had very little rational knowledge, and somehow I thought back then, that I deserved the respect of all those people. 

Today, if someone offends me, I get angry for about a minute, then slowly I let go, because I realize that I have more important thing than to hold on to some pointless urge to blame people for my failures. 

Anders Breivik played videogames like Modern Warfare 2 (from the Call of Duty series). And normally I would say that games don’t change anything, since terror and murder has always existed, even before violent videogames. Now I have played that game, and I hate that he would bring shame to it. 

HOWEVER there is this part of the game, this sequence where you infiltrate a terrorist group that shoots a lot of people at the airport. And during this sequence you can only follow them (and even shot people yourself), but you can’t save them. I remember that media did criticize this game for that sequence, and in some countries it was even forbidden. At the time I did not think much of it, but now I feel kind of disgusted by that sequence, even that played it. It sort of lacks “good” in “good vs. Bad evil”. You see, I see the difference between games and life, like most people, even Anders. 

I don’t think violent videogames in general inspire to real life murder. It would be like, saying that chopping cucumber cause women to cut of male, ehm, well, you know. And I don’t think it is a bad analogy, sure videogames are simulated viollence, but they don't usually simulate the intent to actually end someones life.

With his lawyer Geir Lippestad (what a brave man, who does the job nobody wants to do). Admittedly Anders had asked him how many victims he had, and if the media got a hold of his precious manifesto. 

He seemed very calm according to the lawyer(who Anders had requested actually!). 

He tried to read a bit to the judge, but after 5 minutes, 
the judge said “okay, okay, I get the picture”. 

Well, it certainly wasn’t to make friends with the Islam nation. In his twisted head, this actually seemed like such a good idea, that he planned and prepared for it for years. Reading about him and his “mission”, I keep thinking about Hitler. And I am probably not alone. He probably considers himself some kind of a hero, protecting “HIS” people.(I'm sorry Anders, but you don't speak for me!) He reportedly said something like “It was vicious but it had to be done” when arrested.  

He is obviously influenced by a lot of misguided propaganda. But my theory is that he is a killer and wants to become infamous. I think he was inspired by the columbine massacre etc. I think this is how he wanted to contribute to the world. Causing fear, terror, anger. 

I may sound cynical, but I bet he is giggling in his prison room right now, enjoying the memory of driving to the court. Seeing all the devastation he caused. 

Well, he has confessed, and it is not known how this will end. He will either get 21 years in prison, or 30 depending on what kind of crime the district attorney/prosecutor will choose. 

But I do know, that during his first month in prison lock up right now, he will be restricted from a lot of normal privileges that usual prisoners get. Like reading newspapers, meeting anyone, even other prisoners. 

But I heard that he was quite surprised by the Norwegian prisons, it wasn't as bad as he thought. He thought they had torture there (this shows you how little he actually knew about things). 

I have met people who are convinced just like Anders that the Muslims are secretly trying to infiltrate, and then take over the world. I tell them how silly it sounds, and I show the error of their thinking, but they end the conversation saying that there are convinced, but they always make this doubtful face, like if they realize that their thoughts are actually very stupid. 
Here is the deal, I know Muslims, I have close friends of mine who are Muslims. There is no great conspiracy. Muslim kids are just brats like European and American ones. They love Rihanna and Justin Timberlake, they are just PEOPLE. Not some sinister race. 

In Norway they don’t have the death penalty. But I think that he is a worthy point breaker in the wide discussion of the death penalty. Here we know for a fact that he is guilty. Those who don’t believe in the death penalty because of the risk of executing a innocent, would they still think that killing him would be a bad idea?

Is there anyone who would object to him being executed? Not to many people spoke about Bin Ladins execution, not to many spoke about Saddam Hussein.

To be honest, if they decide to execute him, to hang him, I don’t think I would be upset about it. Forgive me, but I really don’t mind. As far as I am concerned, they might as well put a bullet in his head today. 

What I would like to tell Anders Breivik

First off I think I would start with a quote from Oscar Wilde, 
“Patriotism is the virtue of the vicious”. 

Seriously Anders, don’t kid yourself, what you did was unforgiving and wrong. You have accomplished nothing good except bring people together and away from people that share your beliefs. If you did this to protect European culture, you just gave others reason to repress it. If I ever felt a sense of European pride, you killed it. You totally ruined it.   

And if you did it to become famous, well, sorry. You are no Hitler, you will be forgotten in a few months. You are like the serial killer t-shirt of the week. People will stop naming their babies Anders for some years. But that is pretty much it. Keep grinning, it will last you a couple of years before you grow some brains and realize the errors of your thinking. 

What would my idea of punishment be?

One side of me wants to kidnap him from the police so I could strangle him myself. But the calm rational side of me says that would be wrong too. I don’t believe there is anything one can do to him to make things rights again. But I suppose, the greatest punishment to Anders, would be to make him fully understand how he has affected young people’s lives, how he has taken away everything they could ever be. Make him understand that they were humans just like him.

If I were more sinister, I would put him through some days of hallucinogen drugs, to make him feel terror like never before. Trust me, that kind of torture would scar him for life. 

I would perhaps carve the word murderer on his forehead, so he would know every day looking in the mirror. I would find some way to prevent him from ever ending his own life (or anyone else’s). Break his spine or something. 

We may not see this now. But in a few years, we will hopefully see that this incident, this event, this terrible thing brought people together, in-between two extreme opposing poles. Islamic and pseudo nazis. It is my great hope that this event will lead to make most people understand that terror is wrong no matter what side it is done from. 
It saddens me a lot, all those lost lives, and the parents (oh my god) what do you tell the parents of those killed kids? How do you cope with something of this magnitude?

I wish I could help them somehow. I wish none of this happened, but it did. And I can’t change that. 
People will be affected by this, people have been affected. And these kinds of events will happen in the future. This event will inspire some to do the same, and it will hopefully disgust some who were planning to do something similar. 

Instead of admiring the beauty of the world, trying to capture it with photos, drawings, music, poetry and cinematic magic, some people just want to watch the world burn. 

I will seriously try to be a better person to people around me and to strangers. I will try to make this world a better place. And if everyone would do the same (which probably people won’t) but then in fact, this event could bring something positive. We as humans learn by mistakes. Why not take this opportunity to do something good, to somehow try to balance out the evil of that day where he did so much wrong?

I consider myself a good person with so many faults, and I try every day to be a better person. So many people might have missed that about me, I can’t do much about that. But every day is another chance to turn it all around. And every day is another possibility to change your life.  

“We must never forget that no matter how fragile a human life is,
it is still the most sacred thing in our society.”
- Tommy

“I will try to embrace the tranquility of peace, as a force against this massacre of evil.” 
- Tommy

This is my post about Anders Behring Breivik and the norway massacre on the island Utoya.

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