Monday, July 4, 2011

Apple iPhone 5, and iPad 3 likely to be present simultaneously in October

< The latest generation iPhone has been rumored to be present in September, but not only that, it looks like the iPad 3 also will be announced in the same month and will be launched in October.

This information is circulated from inside information from DigiTimes, according to their sources of information that people of Taiwan. Actually quite hard to believe that Apple hasreleased the second in this year's iPad. Plus itlooks like a rush to release the next generation while iPad 2 is still highly in demand, even still has not officially sold in several countries.

If these rumors prove true, then for the first time inthe history of Apple's launch of two generations of products in the same year. As for the new iPhone 4 white color version was released almost a year after its inaugural launch, and no change at all with the iPhone 4 color black.

Are there any among you who are already getting ready to save to buy the iPhone 5? What is clear beware for those of you who want to sell it online.

Via: DigiTimes