Wednesday, July 6, 2011

10 Reasons Google Will Buy RIM

Research in Motion (RIM) is one of the world's largest enterprise smartphone, a lover of Crackberry Blackberry, making an interesting review: 10 reasons why Google will be buying RIM. Review of Kevin Michaluk from Crackberry interesting:

1. QNX.
QNX is the basis of the Tablet BlackBerry OS and the future of the BlackBerry "superphones". Literally a drop-in replacement for the Linux Kernel's Android. Thanks to POSIX compliance, it only takes a miraculous week for Android makes the conversion and they could soon enjoy the benefits of QNX in Android platforms, namely: increased stability (vs. microkernel. Monolithic kernel), better security, ease of launching a new hardware (QNX already running on 32 cores) and many more. Android has a vulnerability. Android by QNX kernel is very interesting.

2. Canada Place That Good.
Google already has offices in Kitchener (near Waterloo), Ontario, where RIM's headquarters are located. It could be that Google has been thinking ahead.

3. Java.
Java heart of Android, and Research In Motion has a lot of smart people who know Java.

4. Mobile patents.
One of the biggest weaknesses of Google / Android 's is the lack of patents in terms of mobile. Google began inundated with lawsuits and unfortunately these demands are not only directed at Google, but also companies that use the Android OS. Google mobile patent NEED a strong defense. By buying RIM did not just give Google a patent from RIM, but also they will get the patent acquisition Norcel that where Google is now not in the winning bid.

5. T.A.T.
Google has been working with The Astonishing Tribe. TAT is what makes the first interface for Android on T-Mobile G1. Google knows TAT. Google likes TAT. RIM has a TAT. Google to buy RIM automatically have the TAT.

6. Enterprise.
Android becomes feasible for enterprise / corporate. Today when you mention the Android in the enterprise, most people just laugh. Security does not exist, nor is there a good way to manage it. RIM has announced that they are working at cross-platform support for BES in the BlackBerry World this year. In a world where Google has a RIM and there is a QNX kernel on Android (see point # 1), Android in the enterprise is no longer ridiculous, but awesome.

7. Carrier relationships.
I think people will not be arguing about the fact that RIM has done a great job over the years to expand its footprint across the globe. Google also does a great job with the existence of Android, and Google will benefit more from the relationship that RIM did with carrier and RIM have people who used to work with this law.

8. A complete proof of concept / Commitment to Android.
RIM has announced support for Android applications on the BlackBerry Playbook (and the upcoming BlackBerry Smartphones) and this course will benefit Google by having RIM.

9. Reduce fragmentation.
Google has made it clear that they want to reduce fragmentation in the ecosystem of Android, and BlackBerry running on Google Android applications will only complicate the issue. By buying RIM clear this would be overcome.

10. Assuming that Google wanted to, they can now have pengelaman end-to-end. Google is currently building the hardware. Instead, they give the operating system to companies like HTC, Samsung, LG, etc. that build the hardware. Google may not want to change this approach, but if they wanted, they could actually have a pile of hardware and software and build their own hardware through the acquisition of RIM.

11. Google CEO, Eric Schmidt is a BlackBerry addict. Seriously, even in 2009 when Android emerge, Eric Schmidt seen using a BlackBerry. I'm not saying everyone at Google like the BlackBerry, but I'm sure they have a BlackBerry.