Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weird, weird, and... well, weird

So it has been a good weekend. Did you see the video from Robins graduation? I will post a few pictures from it soon. I can't now, because Sara left the camera bag in her mothers car, and that is where the cable is. But I suppose we all have something to look forward then.The weekend has been good. 
Yesterday however, we both slept to 11. And then a few hours later, we laid in bed for a couple of hours, of course we fell a sleep. But the weird thing is, we went to bed early. So, go figure. Things feel really good. I love video editing, and I have so many crazy ideas from short movies. But there is that time thing. I just don't have as much time. But the weird thing about that is, that I do get as productive when I actually have free time. So weird. 
ps. Have I been using the word "weird" a lot lately? hmm.. weird..