Monday, June 20, 2011

Video: Is a tablet even necessary?

While tablets are definitely nice, some people find it hard to justify buying one. In fact, some members of the Android and Me staff mentioned they’d never purchase a tablet, because they find them unnecessary. They’d gladly take one for free, though!

Yet many of us still have the itch to purchase one. They’re definitely tempting, but it is a bit hard to not consider them a luxury item. We find it easy to spend a few hundred dollars on a phone that will be used most of the day. Smartphones are part of our professional and personal life, and to some of us they are essential. But why would a tablet be necessary? Let’s see if Liz Murray, senior product manager for T-Mobile’s tablet line, can change any minds.

Let us know if you agree with Liz. What do you think of tablets? Luxury? Necessary? Just a cool gadget, maybe? It might very well be more than an entertainment device to many of you. Those who do have a tablet, what do you mostly use it for?