Sunday, June 19, 2011

Top 10 favorite iOS apps...

Apple, over time, has introduced different apps for different uses and some of them have stayed on top forever. Here is a list of the top 10 iOS apps:
Pocket God: The app places you as the God to a small set of worshippers in an isolated land. The game has additional mini-levels with new storylines. The graphics of the game is enhanced and has a gripping gameplay. It costs $0.99.

Angry Birds: Angry Birds is a must in any list, be it iOS or Android or Maemo. The gripping and addictive gameplay the app offers has seen enormous popularity since its launch. The graphics is simple yet enhanced with challenging levels. When the game became popular, the developers brought out plush toys and costumes. The best thing about the app is that you get regular updates of levels and additional versions. The app costs $0.99.
Movies By Flixster: This free app gives you access to local movie times and movie theatre locations and has seen great popularity with iPhone users. The app is also popular with iPad users.

AppBox Pro: One app which brings all other gadgetry app under one section for just $1.99. It has a flash light, a currency converter, calculators, alarm clock and a wide list of other useful features in one single pack which is just under 20MB.
Skype: Skype, initially, started off slow but reached popularity soon. In the beginning the app did not allow calls over 3G in the US, but still became a favorite with its web audio and video calling options. Later this free app introduced the feature over Wi-fi and 3G.
Paper Toss: One of the silliest games, but still gripping and challenging where your aim is to toss a piece of paper into a waste bin. The game was made free because in-game advertisements were introduced on the top of the screen.
Shazam: A free app for identifying songs that you liked on the radio. Shazam was one of the first few apps to introduce such a feature. It has been one of the most downloaded apps since its launch.
Tap Tap Revenge 3: The app was available for $1.99. The game integrated great tunes with rhythm tapping. The app has introduced a new top chart song every week from Coldplay, Lady Gaga or Taio Cruz. Tap Tap Revenge 4 was later introduced and made free for download.
Pandora Radio: a customized Web radio was an instant success with iPhone users. The free app made its presence felt when Apple introduced multitasking for iOS.
Facebook: One of the most popular free apps ever downloaded from the App Store. Over a 100 million use the app from their phones to stay connected and socialize. The app evolved over time with improved additions and features.
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