Monday, June 27, 2011

These are some of Hollywood Celebrities, who are still loyal to using a BlackBerry

Who are the Hollywood celebrities who are still using the BlackBerry? The survey results obtained by weekly show some popular artists are still many who use the BlackBerry. It seems they can not reduce its dependence on the BlackBerry Messenger is only found on the BlackBerry. Let's look at Hollywood celebrities are still holding their BlackBerry.

1. Amanda Seyfried

She was seen carrying her BlackBerry to film studio located near the Los Angeles area, USA.

2. Christina Aguilera.

Who does not know the pop singer Christina Aguilera? She seen posing in front of the camera with her right hand clutching a BlackBerry.

3. Ellen Pompeo,

She still managed to carrying her BlackBerry shortly after leaving the beauty salon.

4. Katy Perry

Popular singer and was popular at this time, Katy Perry looks grasping her BlackBerry despite going through the holidays.

5. Gerard Butler,
The film actor 300, Gerard Butlerseen holding the BlackBerry Pearl 3G.

Via: CrackBerry