Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Review: Avatar (2009)

This is a amazing achievement in movie history. The one of very few movies that work in over rated 3D cinema. The visual style and CGI behind James Camerons story is the movie that will be remembered as a important piece of cinema history. And yet I think the movie is overrated for two reasons.
One, the story is to simple. And perhaps the simplicity is the reason why people love it, but it leaves very few surprises. You know exactly whats going to happen in the end.

The other reason is that this story gives a weird picture that people, humans are terrible and guilty for every disaster known to nature. And that the “navis” are some kind of super environment friendly creatures.

The navis are hypocrites in my opinion, since they decide how the earth is supposed to be run. It is okay to ride and hunt animals, but cutting down some old trees to dig up materials that would sustain a planet is wrong. People see this movie, and have some fantasy that this is how people should live, hunt and ride on animals, and this some how is okay?

Never the less, the action scenes are good and the movie is a enjoyable visual feast.

Grade: 4/7

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