Sunday, June 26, 2011

relaxing or recovering?

Hello world. Sunday evening. At least here, at my corner of the world. Its been a great weekend. As you can probably tell from all the photos I have been posting. 

I have been sort of lazy, or you could put it in another way of speaking. I have been relaxing. I think I deserve it. Especially after the midsummer party party party.

All ends well as.. ehm.. never mind.

So, I have been looking at new cameras. For my video-hobby. I just love to edit videos, it is such a challange for a artist like myself. You know?  And I have been working on some music(!) on my Ipad. Nothing ready for release or anything. But just trying out the programs (garage band is awesome). 

And I have been toying with this new idea of mine. A more serious movie. Yes, you heard me. You remember the ending of Fruit Wars II. I was very proud and impressed by myself, how we managed to get a scary feeling and atmosphere. And it really made me think of something of a scary movie I would like to do. 

I have been doing some sketches. I would show you tonight, but I left the sketches at work (sometimes I draw at work, don't tell...)

Anyway it is about a couple of guys who are to rob a bank, and decide to go on a hunting trip in the forest the night before the robbery. And they start to feel the presence of something evil lurking in the forest. I haven't decided on a good name for the movie yet. Perhaps "Pure dirt". 

Anyway. New week arriving and... 
oh I forgot.. I got off point, As usual in my writing I get lost in my own thoughts. I want to buy a new camera, a canon EOS 550D. It has got the full HD, but mostly I want it for the external microphone, and also the posibility to use different lenses and equipment.

But today I was comparing the quality of two videos made by my camera (Samsung WB2000), and a Canon EOS 60D. And my camera ROCKS the socks of the super camera called canon. So I feel kind of kinked in the middle. Not sure how I will do. But there are so many ways to influence the quality of a SLR camera. So I still think the canon is better.

But before I get involved with a new camera, I need a new computer. A more powerful computer for video editing. And no, it will probably NOT be a mac. I have some other purposes for this new computer. it is going to be my working horse for some other projects that I have in mind.

Well, I wish my readers a super week. And be sure to write. Cheers!