Thursday, June 23, 2011

People analysis: Christian Bale

Here is a person analysis of someone famous. Secrets, sexual preferences, public opinions. Things that people didn’t know about this person, well, I am here to reveal, that I know nothing much about this person, but I do however have a few thoughts about the person.

So many fine roles in so many fine movies, and yet, I don’t like him! Christian Bale is so talented, and he has lost all of my respect. I’m sorry, but I have. 

There was this incident during the making of Terminator Salvation, where he lost all control on some sound guy. You can hear it, if you search for it on youtube. So he lost it, and went on for almost 10 minutes about what a idiot the co worker was. 

He said stuff like “do you know who I am?” etc etc.

Later he appologized, or rather, tried to explain the situation in a radio show. But if you ask me, he was just covering for his attitude. I can’t watch movies with him and enjoy his work after this incident. I saw The fighter, and I just hated him. Even if he was awesome, and got himself a Oscar. 

Sorry Christian, you were up there among the stars.. now you don’t belong in the sky anymore. 

Well that was my person analysis. I hope you enjoyed, I hope I didn’t hurt anyones feelings. I try to be honest when I talk about public people, but I have to remember, and remind myself that these are still people, just like you and me, and they have feelings and can get hurt. If I said anything hurtful about you, I hope you didn’t take it in a wrong way, I didn’t mean to offend you. Honestly!