Monday, June 27, 2011

NOKIA is preparing Nokia Zetta, Helen, and two other smart phones that use Symbian Belle

Nokia seems to be trying to win the competition in the smart phone class. It is characterized by being prepared several new smart phones, like Nokia N5 which appeared suddenly yesterday. Now, the two smartphones from Nokia again looked to the public. The two phones are 701 Helen, and 700 Zeta, which caught Symbian Belle and screen 3.2 and 3.5-inch pants.

Interestingly in addition to using the latest Symbian 3, Symbian Belle, both phones were equipped with a 1GHz processor. Other features are supported against the NFC. Besides these two phones, it also predicted there will be two other smart phones that are also based on the latest Symbian 3.

Nokia 701 apparently being groomed by Nokia to be a Nokia smart phone using the Symbian and ClearBlack Display screen technology, which is a further development of AMOLED. There is also an 8MP camera and the 701 used by Nokia as the successor to C7.

Two more phones leaked besides Helen and Zeta are Nokia 600 Cindy to be more focused on multimediaand Nokia 500 Fate that seemed targeted to low-class-mid affordable prices

The picture from: Flashfly