Wednesday, June 1, 2011

my value system of monday2 Sunday

So most people love fridays, and hate mondays.

But I have a different system. here, is my system from the best to the worst day of the week.
Thursday is my favorite day of the week, because you still can enjoy looking forward to friday, that I consider a day of the weekend.
2.) Friday,
Lovely day, but still not as good as Thursday. because it is to late to plan anything fun.
Saturday is a great day, because you get to wake up when you want, and you know that you have sunday still.
4.) Wednesday
Wednesday is okay, because you can enjoy the fact that it is the middle of the week.
5.) Monday
Mondays are not that bad. Because you still have the glow from the weekend, you know it is to early to expect the weekend, so you dont spend much time thinking about it.
6.) Sunday
Sunday is terrible, because all day you think about how you have to go to work for a whole week!
7.) Tuesday
Tuesday is the absolute worst day of the week, because you tired from monday, and you still have most of the working week. I hate tuesdays!!

remove those damn tuesdays!!!

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