Wednesday, June 15, 2011

India Android Tablet now available, up from $ 35 to $ 49.

Still remember with Android tablets for $ 35 dollars out of India? Having had difficulties in terms of production and release of funds for these tablets to the student of India, finally named Sakshat this tablet can already available in late June day, dear price can not be as cheap as initial estimates.

The tablet will be priced $ 49 for the first 10,000 units and then the government cut half the price to $ 25 for the next 90,000 units. The Sakshat an Android-7-inch tablet dedicated to the student, his first production will be sent to the institution IIT-Rajasthan in India.

For those who wonder why this Android tablets can be very cheap even less than 500 thousand dollars. First please note this is not a commercial tablet sold for profit but it is a project of the Indian government to educate people. Although this tablet design looks very ordinary, the specifications are still pretty good with 2 GB RAM, front camera, multimedia content, video conferencing, USB ports, and 32GB hard drive.

Sakshat will be used for digital educational purposes such as reading e-books, laboratories,and other materials that can support the course ofeducation. India has developed this tablet in recent years and nearly failed after the Indian government was rejected because the results are less good.

Via: Electronsta