Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday, joyful eternal bliss... if only it could last longer...

Well it is finally friday!!! 
And I have to say I am happy because we have a three day weekend. So I will surely enjoy it very much. 

There is this guy at work, who I have become close friends with. And what we have in common is that he likes movies just as much as I do. He has has just as many movies as I have, and trust me, that is a accomplishment (to be honest I don't believe he has actually seen as much as I have).  :)

What else? Well, this weekend, my dear agnoslibertines, you will be experiencing GOLF on my blog! A few days ago I got to try golf, and it was really quite the experience. So during the weekend, you will see a lot of photos from that day, and also a new movie(!)

If nothing else, if you don't visit me this weekend, I will have to wish you a great weekend anyway. I know that I will, and I truly hope that everyone else will too!

Many hugs and kisses...