Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Apple iPhone 4S, and the iPhone 5 likely to be released this fall

Good news for those of you who are waiting for new products from Apple, especially for the Apple iPhone 4S, 5 and iPhone, so you do not need to worry and wait much longer for them. Yes, as you might guess, eventually Apple will almost certainly announce a new brand of their products, maybe even not one but two devices at once to be introduced before the end of 2011.
As quoted from Fortune Magazine, which quotes the Director / Deutsche Bank analyst Chris Whitemore, "The time is right for Apple" to launch a low-cost products, in addition to a new upscale model.

The cheap device in the question is iPhone 4S, which may be slightly redesigned Apple iPhone 4. The price offered may be a bit cheaper, $ 350 from the contract, to attract the interest of the use in developing countries to Insight IOS.

While the new upscale iPhone is iPhone 5, which may be the answer from Apple to the Dual-core Android smartphones outstanding for present and future. The iPhone 5 is expected to have larger screens than it already is today, 3.5 inches. While the iPhone 4S may still be maintaining 3.5 inch format, which might be an iPhone Nano. 

Meanwhile, Apple has been producing the new Apple iPhone nearly 20 million units, as shown in the table below: 

Assuming they are both released this fall, a iPhone 4S, and the iPhone 5 will run IOS 5, which brings a boatload of new features, including improved notification system, Newsstand, reminders, improving the integration of Twitter, and the camera software faster.

However, the above information obtained from an analyst from Deutsche Bank's probably not a true fact, given that he did not have access to info about Apple's future plans, but only learned of the global smartphone market movement today. So there is a possibility it will not happen in this year simultaneously. 

Source: Fortune, Morgan Stanley