Monday, June 13, 2011

App review: Froggy Jump

Here is another good app recommendation for your Iphone, or Ipad, or even Ipod touch. I hope you like it. Im not sure, but I think this app works on Android phones and surf tablets as well. 


Froggy jump is about steering your Iphone, to get the frog to jump higher and higher. Your goal is to reach new hights, and hopefully unlock things. And collect coins so you can buy clothes and equipment for this frog.

Now this is a real time consuming game. I have spent so many hours playing this, and after every time I finish playing, I keep wondering, why am I still playing it. That stupid frog will never get to any goal. 

I have about 180 000 points.

Grade: 7/7

Well that was it, hope you enjoyed my app review. 

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