Saturday, June 4, 2011

Android Market is blamed for the performance of Android phones by the CEO of Motorola

Motorola CEO, Sanjay Jha, recently gave a statement that the Android Market has become an obstacle to use Android smartphone performanceto everyone. He said because of the open nature of Android Market so everyone can upload almost any type and form of application. The existence of users who download this application which may cause a decrease in performance or durability of its Android device. Jha also said that 70% of mobile phones that are returned when this caused a problem with existing applications.

Jha claimed that the solution to this problem exist in Motoblur, artificial proprietary layer of softwarethat runs on Motorola's Android phone. Motorola to use Blur to collect data on applications that people use their phones and how they affect device performance. Thanks to this information they (Motorola) could send a warning if an application instance will affect the phone's performance dramatically.

Some parties do not agree with this opinionMotoblur said is one of the factors that trigger the performance problems on Android. Therefore it is suggested that Motorola repair Motoblur first before giving a claim to the reliability of these homemade software.

What Android applications that cause performance problems on Android smartphones?

Via: GSMArena