Saturday, May 21, 2011

Wordpress released a new IOS 2.8 update..

Content Management System (CMS) WordPress has released an IOS 2.8 update.Not that Apple doesn't already have enough consumer apps for its Things but Wordpress' IOS 2.8 update is one of the best, and it's open source to boot.

The WordPress IOS 2.8 update has a quick photo button, a statististical metrics breakdown feature and the app has been translated in to ten languages including Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Japanese.

WordPress calls its quick photo button "action-centric", by which it means fanbois will find it easier to use. Instead of selecting the blog first, punters choose a task in the app, which then puts out the blog entry afterwards.

The statistics feature gives users a breakdown of analytics in real time. It's not comprehensive, though the Wordpress IOS 2.8 update does offer weekly, daily and monthly charts. Fanbois can also swipe over the charts and get a breakdown of daily views by date and view top posts by referrers and search terms.

WordPress said the statistics feature runs natively for all WordPress blogs. However, if fanbois self--host their blogs, Wordpress recommends downloading Jetpack or a standalone statistics plug-in and said it will add more app functionality in the near future.