Saturday, May 28, 2011

Winning the lottery!!! Making ALL dreams come true!

What if you were to win the lottery, and I mean, just for arguments sake, lets say you win the biggest lottery in history. And you win like, say, 6 billion dollars. And you can basically do ANYTHING you want. If you want to build a great big golden statue looking like you, you could do it. 

I mean, think bigger than getting that house you always wanted. I mean, what would your dreams really be?

If it were me, I think, I would start my Africa project! I would turn Africa into a country. And I would become a dictator (YES I would!) And it would be like my play ground project for future human society. I would make a country, where everyone makes the same amount of money, everyone has whatever they need. Medical care would be free, education would be free. And what would drive the society?

Well, I figure, that if everyone truly feels equal in a society, they want to work for it, they want to do their service to it, service to others, because they would feel that there is no greater honor than serving other. 

"By serving eachother, we are free"