Saturday, May 28, 2011

Super samurai workers of society

You know, as a consultant, I have to say, after working at so many different organisations and companies, that consulting is the next big step of society. This is something that solves so many problems in society. And it works. You get less unemployment, as a consultant you develop so many skills, that you become much more equiped to handle different types of jobs.

For instance, I have worked in so many areas, and every interview lately has gone so well, that I get hired on the spot. It is really quite amazing. Consultants are like these super samurai workers of society.

We handle everything, we are flexible, we are unattached emotionally. You can fire us and we are like "uh, whatever.. whats the next gig?". 

As a consultant you get to develop a sense of self worth, you know that no matter what happens, there are so many more working places, and different trades. Every job you take, you don't have to worry about getting stressed, or overworked. Because it will end much quicker than a regular job. 

This is gonna be a a really exciting time. I know that for sure.