Saturday, May 28, 2011

I wish I could carve out certain memories

You know, we all do things that we later in life really really regret. And we hope things could be different. But most of the time, there really is not anything you can do about it. I really wish I could carve out certain sections of my life. 

Things that I am embarrassed about, or just regret. You see this blog, and you see this side of me, and if you knew things about me, things I have done, you probably would have a less good opinion of me. 

But I can't undo things. And it makes me sad sometimes. I truly believe that we are all our worst enemies, because we are the only people who have a perspective where we can see everything we have done. All those memories, all those regrets.

I haven't done anything bad, I don't consider myself a bad person. But some things in past, just won't let go. :(

I feel like crying sometimes when I think of those things. 
Why can't those memories just go away??