Saturday, May 21, 2011

Google Launches Android at HOME..

Google announced on Tuesday a new feature of the Android operating system called Android @ Home.
Google I/O 2011 is going to be right now and Google has lots of new Information about Android. One of those hot  things with Android is home automation with a brand new top framework.

So if you have an Android's Mobile you might be interested in ways to have your  phone
interact with things at your house. That’s exactly what Google is working on with you. This is an idea of having everything as an accessory for  Android's Mobile. The framework is called Android @ Home automation. With this new standard you can do all kinds of things with your Android Mobile. You can turn your lights on and off depending on your calendar status.

So the possibilities with this are nearly impossible. You could probably setup your computer to open applications, lock, and even shut down automatically.Also  set your car to start automatically and warm up or cool down. Or really any of this stuff. It’s all up to what the developers can develop for Android. Hopefully we will see this actually be used for neat things. And hopefully it would not  turn out bad. Chances are these standards are not very secure, or at-least secure enough to control all this kind of stuff.