Saturday, May 28, 2011

Five Presidents Meeting

I found this really cool picture on Wikipedia. of the last 5 presidents of U.s.a.

I just look at it and think how amazing it is to see top figures of different periods of history and culture.

Sure, these presidents only go back a couple of years (and Reagan is missing here) :(

Still, a great shot.

I wonder what it must have been that day for Obama. How he must have felt being there among former titans. Giants that rule the earth (oh please, the president must have some power to move the world).

I wonder....
If I would be a good president. What would I do, if I were president?

I actually think, I would make a good president, as far talking to the people, but as far as decision making, I hope I would have good adviser, because making decisions isn't really my best side.