Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cheating on froggy jump?

You know its so funny how my perceptions of things have changed these last two years.
I remember, I used to be a big fan of cheating in games. I figured that, why not cheat if you can?

And then I have been playing this game Froggy Jump on my Iphone for a couple of months now, and you gain "points" that enables you to purchase items that make your "frog" jump higher or make him invincible etc. 

But then I tried to "buy" points on app store. And it ruined the game for me. This is basically cheating. Same goes for Infinity blade (another really cool app game on the Iphone). I bought the sword, and the shield etc, and it was to easy.

That made me realize the fundemental problem with cheating in general. Its not that it is wrong, but it just ruins it, if you get it to easy. You know?