Tuesday, May 10, 2011

BlackBerry Touch Monza again appears, use the BlackBerry 7 OS, and a new button

After last week, RIM officially announces BlackBerry Bold 9900, and BlackBerry Bold 9930 CDMA version, this time an apparition of the BlackBerry touch screen reappears. BlackBerry touch last time named Storm 3. Now the BlackBerry taking codename BlackBerry Touch 9860 Monza comeback with a more detailed picture.

From the pictures revealed that the cell phone has a new button arrangements, while the second photo shows the BlackBerry OS build new 7 which shows the version New button is also visible that normally colorless green and red on the send and end buttons (just like the BlackBerry Bold Touch).

Unfortunately, RIM did not announce it officially yet, but if you see a leak from the cell phone images that have repeatedly appeared, it seems this phone will probably be coming soon. The BlackBerry usersare not few in number globally, but whether this BlackBerry 
touch phones will become an eagerly awaited? Interesting to see its development.

Source: CrackBerry, BGR