Thursday, May 5, 2011

BlackBerry Playbook: Facebook & Video Chating Application

The success of implementing applications to smartphones with BlackBerry Playbook. On the BlackBerry World they announced the Facebook application and Video Chating Application.

Facebook application for Blackberry Playbook offers popular features and functions:

Enjoy the photos and videos unlimited - easier uploading photos via Blackberry Playbook Picture Library, tag friends in photos, see the comments, the tags and the like. Blackberry Playbook also can be connected to HD TV for showing pictures and videos on different levels, in HD 1080p.

Video Chat with camera 5 mp mp in front and 3 behind to receive video calls between the tablets BlackBerry Playbook internet connected.

Video and Voice Calls with One Click via Wi-Fi - with one click users can make calls from their contacts list Video Chat, a log of recent calls, or by entering your email address BBID people they want the phone.