Sunday, May 1, 2011

AgnosLibertine babies

Today I have been working hard, almost the entire day on my blog and some projects.
I have some really wild ideas that I am working with.

And I call this whole project "AgnosLibertine version 2.0". It is something of a change, that means learning from old mistakes.

Just to make my reader feel calm, I promise, there are no weird changes or anything like that.
Lets just say that I have ideas for new blogs(!)
and this a project called "AgnosLibertine Babies"

This will however not affect the quality of this blog, since this blog is like the "mother company" of the "babies."

I'm so sorry for sounding mysterious about the whole thing. It is not my intention to irritate readers, I just need to do this in a calm way, I don't want to make promises that I can't keep, I hope you understand.

I will however reveal some of my ideas that I am working on.

1.) I wish to create a blog for movie reviews. That is one idea, that is already ongoing right here on AgnosLibertine.

2.)... ahh... I will stop right here. I HAVE to keep calm. I can't reveal things that I'm not sure I will be able to follow through.

The main idea of all of these "babies" is to have a good solid structure. You know, I just don't want to start something that I will get tired or bored with, and then suddenly stop.

By the way,
I wanted to ask my readers to
do me a huge favor.
There is a facebook fanpage,
and if you like this blog,
please click on it.
It is sort of a way for me
to see if people like the blog or not.